Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not for everyone

Okay, so this blog is not for everyone, but it is for a few people:

d.r.s.- you are amazing. thanks for your genuine words on monday, and caring enough about my puffy face to help me quit crying! I love you with all my heart.
e. stewart- thank you for leading our bible study. I know it is out of your comfort zone but you are doing a fabulous job and God is blessing our time together.
mom- it has been almost three weeks. fly here already.
carla- arggghh, sorry I couldn't come pick up me booty and loot on friday! (again with the pirate theme.)
the iceman, chuck liddell- I almost cried saturday night when you lost. don't listen to dana white, you are only 39!
to the man who cut me off yesterday on the loop- sorry I yelled at you.
to the man I cut off yesterday on 82nd- sorry I cut you off. I had to take a very important phone call. please don't yell at me again.
k.m.l.- 3 reasons why you are not just a "man with breasts"
1. you have two amazingly adorable children both of whom always look beautiful and put together perfectly.
2. I have seen you, on more than one occasion, wear a skirt.
3. although you call it the "hair store," you at least care enough about your personal appearance to go to the salon and not pro-cuts anymore. r.i.p. leticia. love you
to the rude woman who came in my store last week- I am sorry I asked you to leave and never come back, but your words hurt, and I don't need you as a customer. my store is like my baby and you don't offend a mama's baby. if you want a modal/cotton blend pj set that feels like heaven, looks like something out of a magazine, fits perfectly, and is made in the u.s., you are going to pay more than $10 for it. go to wal-mart, buy a $5 polyester nightgown off the clearance rack and when you are disappointed, come back and see me. by then I may have forgiven you for your hateful words.
to the two pimples on my chin- seriously, how much bigger can you possibly be? are you trying to take over the entire southern hemisphere of my face? I am 27 for crying out loud. please go away!
e. smith- when you said you weren't feeding miss b rice cereal yet, "just in case" what did that mean?
a. joy- I love your honesty about your insecurity. you are growing into a fabulous business woman.
the annoying check out guy at united- I am sorry I avoid your line because you talk too much. next time I will swallow my judgemental attitude and be grateful for your kindness and rambling.
to all my fellow office viewers- our balls are in your court.
emily- I am in mourning over losing you tomorrow! you have been fabulous and I wish I could hire 10 more girls just like you. come back and visit!
a.n.w.- I miss you. so does Dan. he told me last week.
grace- you have brought unspeakable joy to my life and I love every moment with you. even the fussy ones.

Friday, April 24, 2009

5 and a half months and the week in review

I never knew being a mom would be this much fun. Grace is coming up on 6 months (what??) and seems to be changing every day.
(Warning: this post is mostly about what little miss is up to these days. It is full of facts and kind of long. Because let's be honest, this blog is basically her baby book.)
Last night we went to eat at Carino's, and of course, we had to dress up. When Dan opened the car door to get her out he started laughing and said, "grab the camera!" She hates wearing bows and hats and will find a way to get them off her head!

Our schedule this semester has been fabulous: I work on Tuesdays and Thursdays until about 2 or 3 and Beth keeps her. Every once in a while I work a Wednesday afternoon and bring her with me, and on the Saturdays that I work, she stays with Dan most of the day. We are so blessed to have this time and it feels like a reward for all of the 90-100 hour work weeks I put in the first three years when I started the business.
She loves to ride in her stroller and be outside. I am frustrated with the great April Lubbock winds, but we make do, and on really windy days, we stroll inside.
When she wakes up in the morning, she has stopped crying for us to come and get her. She will lie in her crib and play and talk for about 30 minutes before she starts grunting and is ready to eat.
She is still sleeping thru the night beautifully. I have started her last feeding about 8:45-9ish and she is fast asleep by 9:15 most nights. I didn't realize how much that extra hour and a half before bed would help. I don't pump at 11 at night anymore! She is waking a little earlier, around 7:45 or 8, but I don't mind a bit.
She takes two or three naps a day, one right after her first feeding, one between 5 and 7 and another short one thrown in there somewhere, usually in her carseat when we are driving.
She looks so big in this picture! She isn't sitting up on her own yet, but she is trying!

She has started the teething process and every day is a little different. Some days she is really fussy and just wants to nap all day, and other days, as long as she has a teething ring (or chew toy, as Dan lovingly calls it) she is fine. I hate when she is feeling bad and I can't do anything for her. Two days in the last week she has run a low grade fever and had to take tylenol. Poor thing. And I hear it just gets worse with each new tooth!
Saturday night we had Tom and Beth over to watch the UFC fights. (Dan bought her the little onesie so she could match mommy and daddy!) She was super fussy and running fever from her teeth but she perked up a bit while she ate her cereal and talked to papa.

She is eating rice cereal once a day, around dinner time. It is fun and cute and she is loving her spoon. I still haven't added fruit to it, and although I have a book and a food processor, I am still dreading giving her any more solids. I think I am in denial that my child is old enough to eat with a spoon and will soon stop nursing 6 times a day. I thought I would be excited, but I'm having a little trouble letting go.
Grace has a talking and a singing voice and they are two very distinct sounds. She has a high pitched squealy, squeaky voice that she uses when I sing to her on the chaging table and when she is in her swing. She will hold out her "notes" for a long time; it cracks us up!
Here she is on the magic changing table. Even if she is fussy, the moment we lay her down on the table, all becomes right in her world. She likes to turn to the side and stick her feet through the bars so she can open and close the shutters.

She is a little pumpkin and I can't believe we are about to hit 6 months! Love you sweet girl!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

If this doesn't make you smile...

Grace was a trooper and let Beth and I turn her into little bo peep one afternoon right before Easter. Our dear friend Patti made this dress for her (Grace also has it in white!) to wear home from the hospital. Can you just imagine? Oh what a sight that would have been. I would have been turned in for cruel and unusual punishment to a newborn!

Not sure what's going on and why Nana and Mom are rolling on the floor laughing.

Seriously, this picture is tops. Those cheeks!

Stage two of stage five meltdown.

There it is... stage five, code red meltdown.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

shameless self-promotion

Most of you know, but I sing with the Klifnotes, a local classic rock band here in town. We will be at Abuelo's this Friday night (the 17th) from 6-10 for party on the patio. Hope you can stop by and see us.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter and a dedication

What an amazing day we had on Sunday! My mom and Dan's parents were able to be there and watch as we dedicated our pumpkin to the Lord in front of our church family. And I love that it was Easter; I think it will mean a lot to her when she is older.
Here is the pumpkin in her Easter dress:

and on a totally different note, this was what I came home to after band practice on thursday. I heart my baby and my baby daddy!

Friday, April 10, 2009

almost five months

Oh my precious Grace,
I can’t believe you are almost five months old. Everyone told me it would, and they are right; time has absolutely flown by. Part of me would jump at the chance to keep you right where you are, but I watch bitter sweetly as you grow, and I am filled with such awe and pride as I watch you change right before my eyes. You are a beautiful baby, with a smile that can light up my whole world, a bit of sass, and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. I love our time together. The quiet moments at night when I rock you to sleep, while your eyes flutter and you chase bunnies in your dreams. The precious look of complete peace right after I nurse you. All of the smiles and laughter we share throughout the day. The way you try to talk and sing to me in the morning when I change you. Your big eyes as you soak in God’s world. I love you, Grace. You will always hold the most special place in my heart, because you made me a mommy. My prayer for you is simple: I want you to love the Lord with all your heart and I pray that your daddy and I will always point you toward Him. You are my little angel and I love you.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dan singing to Grace

Editors note: Dan seems to be combining the Star Wars and Superman theme songs. So we are both right. But I think I am the most right.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

rice cereal and rolling over

Grace has been trying to roll over for several weeks now and she finally did it! She tucks her knees up to her chest and rolls to the right, but she hasn't been able to get past the arm part. On Friday night, Kristin came over and Grace just almost made it over. Then on Saturday, I laid her on the ottoman and had a funny feeling she was going over. It only took her about three minutes from start to roll over completion; she took her sweet time and stoppped about four times in the middle of the process to eat her fist and try to talk to me. So funny.

She also had rice cereal for the first time on Thursday. Babies eating from a spoon for the first time are too much! We have had such a blast. I don't think she loves it anymore than she loves the spoon, but we are going to add a little fruit to it later this week. I can't believe she is already old enough to be trying solids. Time just flies.

Grace looked like such a pumpkin on Sunday. She did great in the nursery; she only fussed for a little bit when she was waiting before big service for me to feed her. And mom didn't fuss at all, for those of you wondering. I had a MUCH easier time this week.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dr. appointment and the Nursery

Grace had her check-up and shots yesterday morning. She is such a trooper. She was a little fussy and not herself, but the dr. said that's normal. This morning she is right back on track though!
She is 15 lbs. 15 oz (in the 85th percentile) and 26.5 inches long (97th percentile!) We are so grateful for our healthy, happy baby girl! Here she is waiting with Dan for her shots.

And Sunday was our first morning in the nursery. I knew we were getting close to the day, but I was putting it off as long as possible. During Sunday School she was getting a little fussy and I decided to take her at that moment. No thinking about it or planning or worrying all night Saturday. I got back to our small group and felt the tears welling up and then felt like I couldn't breathe. It was the weirdest thing. I am not prone to anxiety but I felt like I was about to have a panic attack or something. The lady next to me told me I looked pale and I started to lose it. So much for not being a distraction! Kaylee paused the discussion and everyone was telling me it was going to be okay and then we all started laughing because half of the circle was teary-eyed! Apparently it doesn't get easier (which is not comforting advice) but I was comforted knowing my friends had been thru it and understood the hard time I was having.
She was fine, of course. She wasn't in there long, but she did great and was sleeping when we came to get her. They said she didn't even cry! And as weird as it sounds, I am excited about this week; I guess because I know I can do it now. (sidenote- I heart semicolons and I am not sure if used that last one correctly. I have trouble remembering my advanced grammar rules. So whether right or wrong, it stays. Enjoy.)