Monday, July 27, 2009

something had to be done...

this post has a two-fold meaning:

the first has to do with this picture:

I went into Grace's room this morning and found her sitting up and trying to pull up in her crib. as cute as she was, it scared me to death (but I wasn't so scared that I couldn't run in the other room and grab the camera!) remember the episode in june where she fell off the bed? I am not about to have a repeat! so tonight dan pulled apart the crib and lowered the bed. it was no simple feat, but it was accomplished before miss priss had a complete meltdown.

the second has to do with this picture:

see me to the right? no, you really can't, because I cropped myself out. I hate my legs and my new mommy figure and since I refuse to crop myself out of pictures anymore, I put these on

(well, not these shoes exactly) and started the couch to 5k program. my rockstar husband had the awesome idea to come home and run with me at lunch instead of running on the treadmill at the gym, and I knew it was the perfect reason to start. he has no problem with motivation (mr. four times a week at bodyworks) and I am grateful he is helping me get started. I have been making excuse after excuse for the last three months and decided that today it was time to put my feet on the pavement and get going. so we did, with grace in tow, and I survived!
so to all my running mamas out there (georgia, micah, emily, jordan, traci, allison) I need help staying motivated! I am the best starter and the worst at following through with things, so keep giving me reasons why I love to run!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Please explain to me how my child can go from face-planting one moment to scurrying across the floor the next? In keeping with her usual way, I blogged about Grace not crawling and the next day she started. Up on all fours, one knee and hand in front of the other. Amazing. Last Wednesday night she moved her knees and hands "twice" before falling, but I decided it didn't count. So the next night she proved me wrong and did it four times. By Friday night she was really moving and tonight I had to scoop her up three times because she almost knocked over the speakers, grabbed the fireplace poker, and hit her head on our metal legged table. Oh heavens! Not the best quality pics, but here she is in action!
(official crawling date: July 16th. Living room with daddy, mommy, pappy, and uncle kyle.)

Yes, that's a gallon of blue bell at the top of the picture. Don't judge, it was a rough week.

This one has nothing to do with crawling, but I had to post it! She is so funny. And I must (carefully) say that she looks just like her daddy in this picture. Her face, that is.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good gravy, Grace is eight months old. It's time for the monthly barrage of pictures and updates!
No crawling yet, but she is definitely trying. She crawls backwards, scoots, and will even get on all fours, but it is mostly a no go. When she is on all fours she will reach out and stretch as far as she can to grab something and then face plant into the ground. I have a hard time deciding when to pick her up and console her rug burned face and when to teach her to keep trying. Does an eight month old really pick up on those kind of life lessons?
Still no teeth, but no complaints from this nursing mama. I'm not ready to have blood drawn when I feed her anyway. I really had no idea teething would be this long of a process but I went back and read and the teething symptoms have been dragging on for FOUR months! We bought stock in infant tylenol and teething tablets and are trucking along until one of those little daggers decides to make its debut.
She pulled up for the first time on Thursday morning. Right before I left for work she was pulling all over my leg and shirt and she grabbed my collar and yanked herself up. She was so proud of herself. She is getting close to pulling up on her crib and our chair, but hasn't done it yet. Knowing her timetable, she will start walking, crawling, pulling up on everything and talking on the same day.
The summer has been wonderful so far. I have had a few rough weeks where I have to work waaayyyy more than I would like, but they even out with weeks like this one where I might work 15 hours. I am having a harder time taking Grace with me to the store. She is in "hold me, hold me, don't walk out of the room or I will cry" mode, and with her dropping a long nap a day, there is only so much I can do with her while we are there. Gone are the days of laying her in her pack and play for two hours and then her playing quietly in her bumbo seat while I work!
She is into EVERYTHING and wants to eat everything, which poses a problem at the grocery store and restaurants. She especially loves remotes and cell phones and even called me tonight when she was with Dan. We call her squirmy worm because the child will not sit still. Even when she is eating at night her hands and feet are constantly going.
She is eating pretty much every fruit and vegetable we can find that's organic. Pears, applesauce, bananas, peaches, carrots, sweet potatoes... The two things she hates so far are green beans and apple juice. Weird. But she loves her water and sippy cup. She grabs it with one hand and will tilt her head back and chug it like a German beer guzzler. Then she will slam the cup down all out of breath with water running down her chin. Too funny. She also loves to "drink" water out of my straws. She gets so excited and starts squealing right before I put the straw to her mouth.
As you can tell from the pictures, she is a little comedian. It is amazing to watch her personality develop and see both Dan and me in her. My favorite times are laughing with her in the mornings. The sillier I act, the louder she laughs, and I love it!

I love this somber stare. We don't get it often.

Fourth on Broadway. She would not take a nap all morning and was driving me crazy. The minute I got on stage to sing and hit my first note, she turned her head to the side and slept the rest of the set! Too funny.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Abuelo's Friday night

For those of you who don't keep up with my facebook...It's that time again! We are playing tomorrow night from 6-10 at Abuelo's. I will be the sweaty one up front with the tamborine and loud voice. See you there!

Monday, July 6, 2009

it was a good day...

Sunday was a great day. I bought Grace a little pool (late much? it is july) and an umbrella-ella-ella for the backyard. She had such a blast splashing around in it.

And she wore the cutest little outfit ever! She is getting so big.

I love this surprised face she keeps giving us lately. We are just in love!