Thursday, October 14, 2010

22 months

*I'm a bit behind. Grace is actually 23 months as of Monday but life has been a bit hectic!
Happy 22 months, Grace! Here is what you are up to these days:

You are officially weaned from the paci. We cut the end off one day and handed it back to you right before naptime. You said, "Paci? Bwoken?" a few times but kept sleeping with it until one day we told you broken paci's go in the trash and you threw it in there. I am so glad it went easier than I expected!

You love to run and go "running" around the living room every day.

My favorite thing you say right now: "You kiddin me? That's di-gust-ing."  And the other morning you said, "Mama, coffee, yummy, daddy, sleepin', work, kay?" in one long sentence.

I can't keep up with your words and phrases so I'm not going to try. You are talking constantly and think you can speak in full sentences. Since you don't know any "filler" words you say things like, "Mama-going-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-in-da-car-d-d-d-d-d-daddy-work-d-d-d-d-d-d-play-outside-d-d-d-d-d-morrow-okay?" I will have to get a video up here because I can't do justice to how cute it is on a keyboard.

We are trying to potty train and not stress about it. It's neat.
Our first and only successful attempt thus far on the potty. You were so proud; we aren't sure what has happened since!

You lay on a napmat at PDO and like to spread your "bwankets" out in the living room at home for us to lay on.

We have a new schedule for the fall that I am getting used to. You are at PDO Mon-Thursday from 9-2:30. As much as it bothered me to do four days a week, I have found myself loving that the afternoons are ours and I soak in every minute I can. I have had to be so much more disciplined at work to get it done and not bring any home, and so far it's going well.

You will go to your room and bring us a diaper and wipes when you are wet. You also lay down by yourself so we can change you.

You LOVE bath time and would take a bath three times a day if we let you.

You are singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." It melts my heart. Again, I need a video.

You say okay? after everything. You also do this funny head bob with each word that is hilarious.

You like for me to sit on the floor in the kitchen and spin around with you.

You are giving lots of hugs and say "A tiss? And a hug?" all the time.

Anytime we give you food you immediately sit on the floor. You learned this at PDO and it cracks me up. 

Every night since we have weaned you from the paci, you have to sleep with at least three blankets and seven animals in the bed. We can hear you on the monitor after we lay you down counting and naming all of your animals. You don't even have a nightlight so I'm not sure how you can see anything!

Excuse and enjoy the poor mobile phone quality of all the pictures!

Giving us a daily dose of sass

I love this face- you did not care for this outfit and would not smile for the camera.
You still love riding in your wagon- even if it is inside!
Reading a book and trying to go potty. At least you are adorable when you sit up there!
you love to play drums with your daddy
this is what 90% of our pictures look like. I can't get a non-cheese smile out of you to save my life

"baking" with mama in the kitchen
you refuse to ride in the baby part of the grocery basket. it's either underneath, in the actual basket, or pushing your own little kid basket. (that only happens when daddy is with us)