Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ABC's, 1,2,3's

This was several weeks ago but it is too cute not to post. She is much better at numbers and will count on her own but still skips six. And the ABC's are a work in progress. If I could get her to stop saying "yaaayyyy!" after any letter that sounds like a Z we might get somewhere.... But then again, that wouldn't be near as cute!

Friday, August 20, 2010

21 months

Sweet Grace, you are 21 months. If you could stop growing for a bit and let mommy and daddy catch a breath, that would be fantastic.
Here is what you are up to:

You love to take our hand, say "c'mere" and show us what you want to clarify your own special alien baby language.

We are about to wean you from your pacifier. I am not looking forward to it.

You have started throwing full on fits. This week I went to get you out of your crib and when I took your pacifier away you had a complete meltdown and threw your head back so hard you hit the side of the bed. That made you more mad. I gave you your choices to stay in the crib and throw a fit or come to the kitchen with me and make breakfast and you turned your head to the side and made your choice. I waited in the rocker for TEN almost silent minutes (watching as you would kick your legs in the air) and finally caved in and took you (kicking and screaming) out of the crib. You proceeded to have a complete meltdown and threw yourself on the ground in the living room while I left and when to the kitchen. I guess me leaving the room and not paying attention to your fit made you more mad so you got up off the floor very quietly and proceeded to assume your previous position and have a meltdown in front me. Traveling fits. If I wasn't so horrified that the terrible two's seem to have struck our house early I might be impressed by your dedication to the cause.

Your new words and phrases: all better, I helping, I do it, mere (for come here) and moc (for come on), awesome, you're funny, hurt, ouch, melcome (welcome), napkin, bwate (plate), boons (spoon), kick it, over there, back there, in there, got it, almost, tee-tar (guitar) close it, back-et-ball, beg-ta-bal (vegetable), it's ready, ere you are, airpane, messy, shoo fly, big step, what doin?, and gotcha baby.

Animal names and sounds: dolphin, lion, hippo, bear, tiger, puppy, cat, e-fant, and bunny (yes, I told you that the bunny goes, "hop, hop" when in fact, it does not speak. But you still say it and I love it!)

Colors: blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, and green (you don't assign the correct color to things but you think you are right, so what the hey?)

When you take something to the trash for me you shut the door, wipe your hands, and say "yucky."

My favorite group of words you use: a minute, hang on, right back, second, patient, hold on. I wonder what you hear us say all the time!

You use "s" in place of "f's" so you say "kasha" for coffee and "sone" for phone.

You say, "I hold it, I help-in, and I do it" at least 20 times a day.

You have also started stringing together your favorite words to make what you think are sentences.
You will even say them with a question in your voice like you are actually making sense!

If we see a Sinclair truck out on the road you start screaming "Daddy!" It seems silly to explain to you the concept of employees and a truck fleet so I just agree and wave with you. And I'm so stinking impressed that you relate the Sinclair logo with your daddy!

You have said "Ebyn, Carner, and my Hunner" over and over (and over and over....) I have to remind you that Evyn, Carter, and your Hunter are at their house several times a day. It is sweet to watch you start attaching yourself to your little friends.

We read approximately 30 books a day. Every day. Any book. At least five times. Every day.

You love to go with us to check the mail. Last night we went outside to get it and you looked up and said, "my moon!" Sure, Grace, it's your moon.

Favorite foods: toast, spaghetti, my fruit smoothies (moon-ie), bananas, and cereal straight out of the box.

You have this little walk you do that we call the old man shuffle. You bend your knees and tuck your arms in and take little shuffle steps. We are not sure why or what triggers it, but it is comical.

Our little cereal thief. You love to go in the pantry and grab daddy's cereal

You love to cook with me in the kitchen.
(Does anyone else pick up the contents of their tupperware drawer off the floor at least twice a day? I have nearly broken my leg at least three times sliding on those lids!)
Happy 21 months, pumpkin! We love you so much!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The day my daughter looked 13

Maybe it's the fact that she looks like she has on lipstick and mascara in this picture, but I can't help but think we have a picture of what our pumpkin is going to look like at 13.

We are in for trouble.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

4th of July, a little late

Happy Late 4th of July! We had a great weekend with friends and family. We hung out with Mike, Tina, Wendy, Brooke and Archer on Sunday and went over to Tom and Beth's on Monday for a cookout and a UFC fight. To be honest, the main reason I have to post is to show the first time Grace wore two pigtails. It melted my heart and she looked like such a little girl. These were at the end of the night when they were starting to fall but you get the gist. 21 month update to follow!