Monday, February 15, 2010

15 month update

Happy 15 months baby girl. You are a little raging ball of personality these days and are learning so many new things.
This month:
You are so B-U-S-Y! Gone are the days of long cuddles and holding you close. You want to be running across the floor or dancing whenever we put you down.

You have grown especially fond of your papa. You have always loved him, but this month you started asking for him, looking for him, and saying his name with an Italian accent. When we tell you "no" you start crying and say "papa" between sobs.

On that note, you hate to be told no. Some days you test us with raised eyebrows and do what we told you not to anyway, but most of the time you start crying quite dramatically as if we just cut your arm off or something. I think you inherited the drama trait from your father. We have to turn our heads to the side and try not to laugh because it is so over the top.

And on that same note, you started saying "no" the other day.
Does every parent experience this guilt when their child learns to say no? It makes me worry that is all she ever hears from us. Why not "I love you?" Geez.

You love Dave Matthews Band and love dancing and running in place to them in the kitchen while you load and unload your tupperware drawer. I admire your fine taste in music at such a young age.

You drink TONS of water and would rather drink it than milk. I actually have a hard time getting you to drink milk. You still don't drink juice.

You seem to have forgotten where your nose is, but you can point to your belly, hair, and ear when we ask you.

When we say touchdown you throw your arms up over your head. You can be in the middle of throwing a little fit and when we say the word you pause and put your hands over your head. Then you resume crying.

I am quite impressed with your comprehension lately. If we ask you, "go find the," or "can you bring me the," you do it! And you aren't just repeating words anymore, you are pointing to things as you say them. It is so cute!

New words: Duck is pretty official now. I thought you were saying this for awhile but couldn't be sure. Also, Mimi, Mel-mo (instead of just Mo for Elmo) puppy, bye-bye (you don't say dye-dye anymore and I kind of miss it!), hi, rog (frog) da-do (for thank you), bah-r (bear) and no-no. You also say Moo when we ask you what the cow says.

You cut another tooth on the bottom about a month ago. You have four on top and three on bottom now.

You absolutely love books. You would rather read a book with us more than anything else. You will bring me a book and try to crawl in my lap or sit down by my feet and wait until I sit beside you and read.

Enjoy the pics if you made it this far!

laughing and playing on the bed with daddy

after naptime it takes her a bit before she is ready to get out. she likes to run back and forth, roll around, show us all of her stuffed animals and put on a little show for us before we can get her out. she will actually cry and start pointing back to her crib if we take her out before she is ready.

pointing to your ear
dancing in your crib

I love this look!


Monday, February 8, 2010

What could be better...

Than a papa who will wear a sunflower hat and a UFC shirt simultaneously just to make his grandbaby smile?

Than a cute purple dress from Mimi?

That you can wear while completely enthralled with Sesame Street?

Than a box of Girl Scout thin mint cookies?

That tastes so good it makes you want to chew straight thru the box?

What could be better than spending a morning like this...

when it looks like this outside?

And what could be better than a sweet smelling baby wrapped up tight after bath time?

Not much, I tell you. Not much at all.