Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Fun

We had an amazing weekend with our friends Ryan and Traci and their sweet girls, Addison and Kamryn. They moved to the Tyler area before Kamryn was born and we have only seen them one time since. So needless to say we had a lot of catching up to do. We had a perfect plan: do as little as possible! We hung out and laughed and grilled burgers and watched Elmo at least five times and did as little as possible for the two days they stayed with us. We had so much fun you guys- we love and miss you!

Grace had no trouble smiling for Traci and her camera
Playing in the backyard with the pool and slide. They did not want to come in to eat!
My sweet friend!
Ryan, master chef of grilled asparagus and awesome burgers!
Best buds for a long time.
These girls had so much fun playing together. Kamryn is insanely sweet and encouraging and Miss Addi is so smart and thoughtful. Ryan and Traci have done an amazing job with these two!
Bath time fun
The girls would watch a movie after bath time before they would go to bed. It was very important to Addi that all the girls be laying down on their mats having a good time!
I played a third of mine and Aaron's set on Saturday night and enjoyed the rest with our friends. Alison and Stuart met us up there and Traci and Alison finally got to meet and catch up on their love of running. Alison is running the Tyler marathon and Ryan and Traci are running the half.  I love when my friends love each other, too!
Girls playing dress up. Grace was content in her pj's; the poor thing plays dress up every day with me so she was not into it. Kamryn loved to tell Addi and Grace how "boo-ti-ful" they looked. So cute.
Ryan and Traci, we love and miss you guys so much. We never laugh harder than when we are with you guys! You are a reminder to not take for granted the people you love. Thanks for staying with us and sharing your sweet girls!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Haircut

It was time. The poor thing had quite a mop going so I called Meghan and asked if she would give Grace her first haircut.
The pictures tell the story...


Not a happy camper
Until Nana distracted her with a picture of a puppy and Hunter
And After
We are having a much easier time taming her curls in the morning. My only complaint is that she somehow looks older!