Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our little cheese muffin

Grace and Wade

Our sweet friends Brody and Loren came over for dinner a few weeks ago and brought Mr. Wade over to play with Grace.  Does anyone else have friends with whom you seem to continually say, "We should get together soon!" but never seem to make the plans? Well we decided to make plans and actually get together instead of just talking about it and we had such a great time. 
The highlight of the evening was at the end of dinner when Wade decided he was going to go outside. Brody and Dan followed him out there and about 30 minutes later we went outside to find this: 
Wade managed to find the water hose on the side of the house and made his own mud hole under the tree Dan was watering. 
Grace was not having the mud. Notice her unsure eyes in both of these pictures!

We decided to throw both of them in the bath and then document it so we had great footage to show at the wedding!

Friday, July 15, 2011

7 weeks old

Audrey, we could not have asked for a better baby. You are so laid back and such a joy.
Right now you are:

Sleeping from 11-6 ish. You started this at 4 1/2 weeks. What??? Who gets that lucky with both babies? You do not like the process of being swaddled but once you are wrapped up you are a happy baby. You sleep in your crib or swing. We have one or two nights a week where you wake up between 3-4 but your daddy can usually get you back to sleep. Your daddy calls you baby Moses after he wraps you up like this at night. Actually, he called you baby Noah and we had a good laugh.
You are a grunter, especially when you eat. Your dad has to go out to the couch most mornings when I feed you because you are so loud. You are not patient waiting for the let down.

You have started smiling! Oh my, I forgot how great it is to see a baby smile for the first time. Your first for sure smile (verified by your father) was June 21st. Not even 4 weeks old! (This picture was last week. We didn't catch you smiling on camera for another 2 weeks).

You are so patient with your big sister. She likes to be up close and personal with you at all times and it is a wonder your head is still in place with all of the accidental mishaps. Here she is giving you a "hug." Or a choke-hold as I like to call it.
You have no trouble with your digestion flow! You burp like a champ (I think God knew with a second baby we don't have 10 minutes after each feeding to work on getting a burp out) and if you haven't burped in 60 seconds then it's usually not going to happen for you. I will leave out diaper details, so as not to embarrass you one day when you read this, but I will say that they are both plentiful and frequent. And your nickname is "motorboat." I'm just saying...

What people say about you:
"She looks just like Grace!"
"She doesn't look anything like Grace."
"Oh, I love that name!"
"She is just beautiful. Like, really, really pretty. I mean, seriously pretty."
"She definitely looks more like you."
"She definitely looks more like Danny."
"That bow is bigger than her head!" (got a problem with it?)

Most days we are on a 6, 9, 12, 3 schedule which works great for me. You sleep on and off throughout the day but you are staying awake longer and longer.

At your two week check up you were 8.3 and 21 inches long. You gained almost a pound and I was so proud! I am not looking forward to your two month check up next week. Shots! I almost forgot about the terrible shots.

Nicknames: angel baby, pumpkin, silly goose, goose-goose, and Audrey girl. Your sister calls you, "awwwww, sweet Audrey" like it is one long word. So cute.

You are starting to get the chubby baby cheeks and legs. You are definitely long- you have been wearing three month clothes and were out of newborn around 3 weeks old.

The sweet cheeks progression...

In your favorite chair at 8 days old

 At 3 weeks
And again at 4 1/2 weeks
 5 1/2 weeks old
 And six weeks old... I lovingly call this photo, "Chins."

And here is proof of my mother of the year award. I forgot to tighten your shoulder straps after I loosened them one afternoon and this was the result. I text your Mimi the picture and she said, "Glad you had time to stop, take a picture, and send it to me before you got her out!"

5 week pictures with Domi

My friend Dominique of Captivated Images text and ask if she could shoot Audrey's pictures to practice with some of their new studio props and lighting. (So proud of their new studio! They have done an amazing job!) I warned her it might not be as easy to shoot a 5 week old as a constantly sleeping newborn but she still wanted to give it a try. So Audrey and I visited the studio for her first modeling gig and Domi ended up with the following pictures. Oh my, they crack me up and make me smile!

This one might be my favorite. Does she look like an Ewok from Star Wars, or what?
 It looks like she is flipping Domi the bird in this one. She was tired of being messed with at this point!
Sweet baby finally fell asleep after she had a diaper blowout and we finished dressing her up in silly hats...

 Great job, Domi! You are doing awesome with your baby shoots! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

We had an incredibly laid back and great July 4th weekend. My mom flew in to visit and helped me clean out closets and do laundry. Lubbock banned fireworks because of the dry weather so there were no firework shows to see. Instead, we dressed the girls in cute matching outfits made by my friend Jennifer and took pictures of them!