Sunday, April 25, 2010

17 month update

Sweet Grace, you are growing so wonderfully. I love to watch you play and laugh and learn.
Here is what you are up to these days:
You have started saying so many new words I don't know if I can remember them all. And not just repeating but "naming" things. You have added door, bite, "Annine" for Auntie Am, Ky-Ky for Uncle Kyle, shoes, socks, Elmo (no more Mel-Mo), nose, book, shirt (it sounds more like a four letter word when you say it so we are working on "blouse") cookie, monkey, basket, another, egg, meal-meal (for oatmeal), water, and car to your vocabulary. You are also repeating so many things you hear.
You are ridiculously ticklish
You say "hi" to everyone you see and if someone doesn't say "hi" back you keep repeating it louder and louder until you are finally screaming it.
Your hair is starting to curl up in the back and I put in little pigtails for the first time this week. You look so much older when I do your hair like that.

You are about to drop your second nap of the day and we have been putting you to bed earlier.
I made the mistake of laying you down for a nap with no pants on and you pulled off your diaper and peed all over your crib. It was neat.
You absolutely love hunting Easter eggs. We have egg hunts about four times a day since Easter. You get so excited when you find an egg and start whining when we say no more. We only have seven eggs so when you turn around to get the next egg we take one out and hide it again. It's exhausting but so much fun. I suppose we could go buy more eggs... but now you just hunt in the cabinets for bottle and breast pump accessories.

You have a new monkey chair that I bought at United and you love to sit in it and watch American Idol with me. You like to clap after every performance.

At night when you and Daddy are playing on the floor you like to sit on his stomach, pull up his shirt, and put your finger in his belly button.
You got a stomach bug on Tuesday night and threw up three times. It was your first time to be sick since your virus at 10 months. It was awful and then you gave it to me. You have bounced right back though and I must say that the extra cuddle time was nice.
Enjoy the pics of our about to be 18 month-old!
A lady must always wear the proper headgear when playing in the kitchen.

her new "cheese" face

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sneak Peek

Grace is going to be the flower girl in her Uncle Kyle's (Ky-Ky) wedding this weekend. Is she the cutest or what?
17 month update coming soon and wedding pictures coming soon...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Well the pictures I have just aren't going to do our Easter Sunday justice. Grace runs everywhere now and gone are the days of propping her up in her chair and taking 30 pictures of her smiling in her cute dresses! This is the only full shot of her in her dress. She smiles about 5 miliseconds after I take the pictures. Sigh.

After church we spent the afternoon over at Nana and Papa's house eating, napping, and hunting eggs.
Grace loves the little pond on Nana and Papa's back porch. We have to keep a close eye on her because she likes to get uncomfortably close to the water. Dan and I told her no about 20 times and she would just shrug her shoulders and get too close anyway but the one time papa told her no, you would have thought the world was coming to an end. Beth said it was the first time she ever heard Tom tell Grace no. Dra-ma.
She is in love with this little frog that sits by the pond. She likes to kiss it and give it hugs and pat it on the back. Notice Tom and Dan standing guard over the pond in the background.

Hugging Mr. Frog...
Losing her grip on Mr. Frog...

Mr. Frog 2007-2010. May he rest in peace. Grace caught on to hunting eggs very well. She had a little Elmo basket and once Tom showed her how to put the eggs in the basket, she had a blast. We have had seven egg hunts since Sunday afternoon. It hasn't gotten old, yet.

Why do people take pictures staring straight into the sun? Our faces may not show it but we had a great afternoon.

I kept thinking I was just being lazy but it turns out I had a stomach bug and all of my "I don't feel great" comments were justified about three hours later.
I love this picture. Like father, like son. This is not a bad thing if Tom is your dad. I look forward to teaching Grace about the real meaning of Easter, but for now, we will enjoy our daily egg hunts. I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter full of family, frogs, food and rest!