Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

I had the most fun picking out your outfits for Halloween! In the end we decided on Dorothy and the cowardly lion. Grace, you loved every minute in your dress and sparkly shoes but Audrey was not loving the mane. We met up with your Nana and Papa at the Methodist church and then headed to our church for the Fall Festival. Everyone loved you two! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gracie Girl

Sweet Grace, you are such a ray of sunshine! You have the best personality and LOVE to have your picture taken! Here are a few I snapped of you over the last month or so. 

You have started carrying your own backpack into school. You say, " I am a big girl, mama! I can do this!"

You melt my heart when you hold Audrey's hand. She loves to watch Toy Story with you!

You love having tea parties at the big table. You ask if you are a royal princess all the time!

I took you outside to play in the rain a few months ago and since then we have had a drought! If there is so much as a sprinkle you want to go outside and dance! 

This was NEAT to clean up. Especially since I forgot to take the stickers off before I washed your dress!

We have a purple cow at church and you love to go check on him after Sunday School! 

One night we went to Sonic and got you a kids water. In the half a mile it took to get back home you somehow poked a hole in the cup and drenched yourself! We had to stop and take off your dress because it was so soaked! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Audrey 5 1/2 months

One day you will be mad at me for these monkey hat pictures but I just can't resist! We bought these hats for Holiday Happening and they are already selling out at the store! Every time I show someone this picture they ask to buy one. You have the most perfect little nose and cheeks and I can't stand how sweet you are!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It makes me giddy

...when my girls match.  I can't take how cute they are. When we found out we were having another girl, my first thought was of all the matching outfits I would make them wear. (That was actually my second thought. My first thought was, Oh dear. Two weddings).
I LOVE to match these babies and would do it every day if my budget allowed.

Daddy and Audrey

Audrey, you have no idea how lucky you are to have such an amazing daddy. He loves you so much and you love to laugh and blow bubbles at him. He is incredibly selfless and puts you to bed nearly every night and wakes up with you to move you to your swing in the early morning hours.  When he gets home, you give him the biggest smiles and act like you are seeing him for the first time. I love to see the bond you two have already. Lucky for you, he has had practice at being a "girl dad" and he is exceptional at it!

Watching Monday night football. 

He converted Grace to Mac early on. He has already started working on you. 

He comes home from work and immediately picks you up so you two can start talking about the day.

Only manly daddies will wear a baby with a big bow on their chest. 

Out of the mouths of babes...

Grace, I want you to know how much laughter you bring to our house. You say the funniest things and every day have your dad and me laughing and wondering, "Where does she come up with this stuff?" 
A few of our favorite things you have said over the last several months:

"Mommy, can you turn the sun off, please? It's too bright, I can't see in my eyes."

One morning when you put your shoes on by yourself I called you my "biggest girl." About 45 minutes later you said, "Mama, I'm not your big squirrel. I'm just not." It's become a joke now and I call you my big squirrel all the time.

We pulled up to get ice cream and you shouted, "We're home!"  

We were at Subway one night walking back to the car and you heard the guy at the drive thru ask "What would you like to drink with that? You promptly replied, "I need a macchiato!"

One night it rained really hard and you woke up scared and came in our bed. I was playing with your hair and you said, "It's okay, mommy, I don't be scared. It's just big, loud rain."

Ever since your Daddy took you to the Father/Daughter date night at Chik-fil-a you say you want to go on a "gate" with Daddy. 

You say, "Oh, I'm sorry" at least five times a day. 

You love Toy story and say funny things like, "I'm gonna be a hee-haw cowgirl!" and "I'm just hee-hawin with Jessie!" 

It may have something to do with all the Fancy Nancy books we read to you but you use words like fantastic, awesome, and just wonderful.  

About a week ago you told me, "But mommy, I don't just want to be so adorable today."

‎"Gracie, can you please be my happy girl and stop crying?" 
"No, mommy. I can't. I'm just freaking out."

‎"Grace, that was unnecessary!" to which you replied, "Mama, I'm not Misses Hairy! Don't call me that!"

You saw the picture of me in my wedding dress on Dan's nightstand and gasped, "Mommy, did you go to the ball? Are you a real princess?" 


Our life is full of outtakes. It's only fair to show the bad if I'm going to post the good. Here are the pictures I probably shouldn't post but we keep it real at the Sinclair Manor.

Sideways baby

Crazy eyes, crazy hair, crazy Grace.

Yep. That happened. Of course I had to document it before helping.

My chubby face girl. 
Yep. That happened, too. She started rolling way before I thought she could and luckily the ottoman caught her. She didn't even wake up. 
Audrey was not having it. Nope, not one bit.
Sometimes we go potty in our pretty dresses and pee all over the back. Good times. 
Our little Asian baby

Friday, October 7, 2011

Audrey's 4 month check-up

We saw Dr. Liz yesterday afternoon for Audrey's four month appointment. She is growing perfectly, 15 pounds and 24.5 inches long. In the 45th percentile for weight and length. I can't believe she is already four months old. Time seems to move even more quickly with the second. Sigh.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The faces of Audrey

The please-get-that-camera-and-flash-out-of-my-face-or-my-eyes-will-bug-out-of-my-head-face.

The "whatchu' talkin about" face

The yup-I-just-pooped-something-crazy-so-have-fun-with-that face

The pouty-cheeks-are-too-chubby-for-my-face- face

The I'm-so-happy-my-cheeks-may-burst face

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our happy girl!

Audrey, you are the happiest baby! I thought we were destined to have a difficult, fussy baby after your sister was such a dream, but you have managed to surpass her level of extreme happiness and smile all the time. You are so laid back and give a new meaning to the phrase "easy baby." We are blessed, indeed!