Wednesday, May 12, 2010

18 months

Disclaimer: I wrote this blog three weeks ago when Grace really was 18 months old, but the camera cord has gone into hiding so I am just now posting.

The last time I checked I had a six month old bouncing, drooling, babbling baby girl. Time has either literally flown by me, or I am the most imperceptive mother alive. Our bouncing, drooling, babbling baby girl has turned into a full blown running, talking, molar cutting toddler. What a ride parenthood is! God allows us to somehow fall more and more in love everyday with this little pumpkin of ours and we are so blessed. Here are the monthly updates:
We spent an insane amount of money on new "big girl" toys for her a few weeks ago. Something about watching my baby girl play with a sock and tupperware bowl made me feel a little bad about her toy choices. I don't consider myself cheap but I did find myself muttering under my breath, "Good gravy, it's plastic made in China," on more than one occasion. Nonetheless, we now have a new big girl wagon, a sandbox and water outdoor thingy, and a small slide and swing.

She LOVES to be outside and cries when we come back in from a walk or wagon ride.
She ate an entire half of a McCallister's turkey sandwich. It was crazy to watch.
She does not want to be in her stroller unless I'm jogging with her.
We took her to Legacy play village for the first time and were amazed to see glimpses of her personality. She was incredibly cautious and did not want to take a step unless I was holding her hand or right behind her. If I tried to back away she would start crying. I think she was more interested in watching all of the big kids run around her than actually playing.

She is definitely cutting her back right molar.
We turned her carseat around to face forward and all the sudden the car meltdowns have stopped. The poor thing is so long that she was basically sitting indian style when she was rear facing.

She had her second virus and cough this month. I think she may have her dad's allergies.
I know every parent thinks their child is remarkable, but I am seriously so impressed with Grace's verbal skills lately. And I think I have every right to be ridiculously proud seeing as how I thought my child was Rainman for awhile and might be a few fries short of a happy meal if you know what I mean. She is honestly saying so many new words that I cannot keep up with all of them (but that doesn't mean there isn't a list on it's way of ones I can remember!) So far this month we have: stairs, picture, bowl, in there, up there (she says that when she wants us to pick her up) thank you, please, apple, paci, mik (for milk), bite, car, whoa, step, egg, sock, wad-der (for water), bar, eye, hair, a-nudder (for another), all gone, more, wagon, pretty, flower, yummy, bite, bracelet, diaper, and outside.
She still takes at least one good nap a day, goes to bed about 9-9:15 at night and wakes up around 8 or 8:30 every morning.
Favorite things: seeing her daddy walk through the door, turkey sandwiches, vanilla wafers (cookies), Sesame street, her monkey chair, Nana and Papa, pulling all of the diapers out of her basket under the changing table, laughing, sitting on the table or counter instead of her high chair to eat, wagon rides and being outside, her car seat facing forward, brushing her own teeth, and the new Dave Matthews album.
Not so favorite things: tomatoes, the coffee grinder, blender, and vacuum cleaner, being told "no", sitting in the high chair, having her diaper changed, and being in a store with me when it's naptime.
Enjoy the pictures!

Dan thinks it's funny to hike her pants up around her chest like a granny.

Playing a little chess at the Lubbock airport.
oh man, I love this picture

I love how she looks like she got caught in this one. She has two of her favorite things in this picture: crackers and her wagon.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cheesey Mc-Cheeserson

We have a sweet little pumpkin.

Who smiles and smiles. A LOT.

And lately when you ask her to smile or she sees the camera, this is what we get:

Being the shy and un-hamlike individual that I am, I haven't the foggiest idea where she gets this. Must be from her father.