Friday, August 28, 2009

checkup and babylegs

Grace had her nine month well check this morning. Praise the Lord we didn't have to suffer thru any shots! She is definitely lengthening; off the charts for height (30 inches) and 50th percentile for weight (18.2 lbs.) I was a little surprised at her weight, but she has lost so much baby fat lately and doesn't have a lot of interest in solids so I suppose it makes sense.
She is pulling up on EVERYTHING and has started walking along the ottoman and couch. She started babbling again (she went thru a grunting/squealing/rainman phase) and is so close to saying mama it's not even funny.

In unrelated news, I am in love with babyleg leg warmers. Not so much for the leg warming as the knee protection while little miss crawls to and fro. And she looks absolutely adorable in them, if I do say so myself.

Monday, August 17, 2009

9 month shoot

Alisa took Grace's 9 month pics on Monday- isn't she amazing? Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nine Months and a New Tooth

We have a tooth people! Let's get excited! It broke through yesterday morning and I noticed it at breakfast.
I don't have a picture yet; G is not keen on the idea of opening her mouth so that I can take a picture, but trust me, it's there. And thanks for the tupperware lid idea, Em! It worked wonderfully!
She has been such a joy this month, despite the teething and sleepless nights. (Last night was super fun- up every hour from midnight until 7. Good times.)
A few pics and updates:

Getting super long and losing her chunkiness. She doesn't look as squishy and baby-ish anymore. Insert sad mama face here.
She loves to eat solids, but on her terms. The high chair must be in front of the barnyard baby einstein and she fights and fusses if we put her at the table. I suppose her father and I are not as interesting as hand puppets and children dressed up in awkward animal costumes but whatever works, I guess. She is still on fruits and veggies only, but I hear the Dr. is about to start her on meats, oh my! She thinks that whatever we are eating is for her too, so I hope I am not breaking any baby rules by feeding her from the table. So far this month: string cheese, oatmeal, milk from Dan's cereal bowl, french fry, pickles, and a tortilla. She is a milk girl though, and is still eating 5-6 times a day.
Her favorite, the cow. Notice how she is sitting up and grabbing the table. She LOVES that thing. She squeals and squirms and holds her breath when he comes on!
She is crawling EVERYWHERE, including underneath our leopard ottoman. She gets under there and then tries to sit up and gets so frustrated. I am a mean mommy for running to grab the camera, but it was too funny. She could not figure out how to get back out from underneath it and was unimpressed by my attempts to teach her a problem solving lesson.

She has been such a mamas girl lately, but she still has strong feelings for her daddy, as evidenced by this picture.

Playing outside in the pool with cousin brooke. Grace can only hope to have such a head full of hair one day!
She is a little ham when the camera comes out.
She plays with everything but her toys. They hold her interest for a few minutes and then she wants whatever is around; my make-up bag holds particular interest for her, the remotes, books, lotion bottles, cups, etc...
We see the Dr. on the 28th so I don't have height and weight stats yet, but I am excited to see how much she has grown. Alisa is taking her 9 month pictures tonight, so those will be up soon!

dallas trip

We had a lot of fun in Dallas this weekend spending time with my family and helping with three of Amber's showers. I cannot believe the wedding is in two weeks! Grace did fabulous flying and we even flew by ourselves like big girls! I was so lucky on the way to Dallas; Judy Gerlt from church was on the same flight so she sat beside us and helped me entertain my not tired, wanting to crawl everywhere baby. She even held up the blanket so I could nurse her during take off! Even if they aren't yours, grandmothers are wonderful!!! The way back was pain free as we were able to take the entire back row and she ate and slept the whole way home. I am so grateful she makes flying easy on me!
We spent a lot of time with family and friends and even though Grace was off her schedule, she did pretty well.

Playing with Zach and Kaitlyn, the kids Amber is a nanny for. They love Grace and ask Amber when they get to see her all the time!

Our motley crew. Nate just had knee surgery and had to spend the weekend in bed, Kyle had an upper respiratory infection, Amber is still fighting a six month stint of mono, and I was exhausted from all of the tom-foolery we got into at her bachelorette party on Friday night.
Shower at my Aunts house on Saturday. We don't look too awful for falling asleep somewhere around 4 the morning before!
Shower on Sunday afternoon. She got so many great gifts and should be set up very well in their new house!
Hanging with mimi. Aren't grandmothers the best? What would we do without them? I love you mom, thanks again for all of your help.
We are driving to Dallas next Wednesday for market and staying the week before the wedding. G's 9 month pictures and updates are soon to follow- I am sure you are all holding your breath in anticipation!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Let's do this

I'm a go big or go home kind of gal. I'm only one week into my couch to 5k program, but on the advice of my many running mamas and my impulsive spirit, I decided I need a goal. So I went to the Susan Komen race for the cure website and was going to register for the race. Well I got a little excited and started a Ribbons and Bows team! So come on and join me! Let's have a goal together and race for something important while we are doing it!
Just click here and then join an existing team. Type in Ribbons and Bows and get to registering!!